Santa Diabla, the new telenovela on Telemundo, is not your typical telenovela. “It’s definitely a thriller, one of those ‘who done it?’ so, it’s a total and constant mystery,” says heartthrob Carlos Ponce, who plays one of the lead roles.

The story centers around Santa Martínez, played by Gaby Espino, who has to decide between love and revenge. “Nobody is good-good or evil-evil, the characters in the telenovela are like people in real life. There are good people doing bad things and bad people doing good things.” One of those people is Ponce’s character Humberto Cano. “So far, my character is a very mean and calculating guy.” But that may change. “None of us has the full story. We are working one episode at a time,” explains Ponce.

This is exactly why Carlos had to be part of this telenovela. “When I asked for the scripts, I just couldn’t stop reading and they only had eight episodes. I figured if I was intrigued, viewers would be too. I also think we have a beautiful cast.” This includes his ex-girlfriend Ximena Duque. “We are great together. We get along, we’re great friends. I have no issues working with her.”

We first saw Ponce in the 1994 telenovela Guadalupe. Four years later he was on popular primetime shows like 7th Heaven and Beverly Hills 90210. One of his most memorable roles was as yoga instructor, Salvadore, in the movie Couples Retreat starring Vince Vaughn. “I’m bicultural and bilingual so to me it’s not necessarily a crossover. I’m an American. I’ve been here 20 some years, born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’m just working in the two languages that I speak.”

When he is not acting, he travels and spends time with his 4 children. “I work to live, I don’t live to work. My biggest dream is to be an old man, in good company and to see my children doing well for themselves.”


Santa Diabla
Monday – Friday at 10pm/9c