New York, April 9, 2015—FOX Life, the network that offers twenty four hours a day of unscripted entertainment, introduces “Escuela para Maridos,” an original production from FOX International Channels Latin America. This show, alone in its class, shows how eight couples in crisis experience a common problem: the husband. Even though they say they love their wives, they can’t (or don’t want to) change; eight husbands go to “school” to learn, work on, and be graded on their negative attitudes affecting their marriages.

Starting April 16th, every Thursday at 10 pm ET/PT, renowned sexologist and relationship specialist Alessandra Rampola, along with moderator and journalist Alejandro Fantino, will guide these couples through an intensive course in finding a solution to their problems.

The “eternal adolescent,” “mama’s boy,” chauvinist, irresponsible one: each participant reflects those men who, in the security of marriage, have deepened their faults and deceived their wives. Week after week, the husbands will take classes on subjects that form the basis of every marriage including communication, sex, family, or negotiating skills.

At the end of each episode, the students will be graded, and those who don’t pass the course will have to complete a make up exam. Among who manage to graduate, at the end of the semester, the best student will be chosen and he will be awarded a second honeymoon with his wife. Introspective, real, uninhibited and very empathetic, “Escuela para Maridos” is the last hope for these wives to be able to change their husbands back into the men they once knew how to be.

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