Sebastián Zurita talks about his leading role in La Impostora and what it’s like to be the son of an acting dynasty.

The handsome and talented Sebastián Zurita has admitted that he has found his more passionate side while playing Eduardo Altamira in his latest telenovela, La Impostora. “What we want is happiness … we are romantic guys and we believe in love.” The single 26-year-old admits he doesn’t have a girlfriend just yet, though he is open to finding love. “I am not looking for anything right now. If it happens, great. If not, that’s fine too. It’s better if it comes unexpectedly.”

What he does have is a sizzling on-screen affair with Blanca Guerrero, played by Lisette Morelos. “She is very professional and beautiful. We have a good working relationship. It’s always important to have good chemistry as a couple.” This solid production has an all-star cast that includes his famous mother, actress Christian Bach, who also plays his mom on screen. “We’ve never worked together before. It’s really wonderful to be able to share this experience with my mom. I am working with one of the best actresses ever.”

So is there a lot of pressure being in the same business with his parents, Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach, two of the most renowned actors in telenovela history? “I have two great teachers at home and their greatest virtue is that they know how to be educators and parents at the same time. It’s like having an acting workshop 24 hours a day at home. It’s really great to work with the people you care about the most.”

During his downtime you can find Sebastián playing Xbox or jamming as a drummer with his band, White Frame. All in all, his joy for life is inspired by his career. “This job keeps you young. It allows you to make up stories. When I see a movie or read a script that I really like I feel like I’ve found my true calling and I love what I do.”

La Impostora
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