Urban music stars Alexis & Fido tell us about their latest album La Esencia and what it’s like to sing as a duo.

Urban music duo Alexis and Fido always have one thing in mind when it comes to music. “What happens in society is what inspires us; in particular, how we can forget our problems. We create songs that make you happy,” says Fido. And that’s just what they’ve done with their latest release, La Esencia, and its Billboard award-winning single, “Rompe la Cintura.”

Raúl Alexis Ortíz and Joel Martínez have been cranking out hits like this since 2005, when they debuted with Los Pitbulls. Fans are pleased that they have maintained their high energy, but are also happy with their more innovative changes. “We have greatly evolved and it can be felt in our songs. Our music is more mature and can reach a wider audience,” says Alexis.

Together for almost 10 years, how do they keep it going? “Fido is a blessing. He is demanding and always achieves our mutual goals,” says Alexis, and Fido feels the same. “Alexis is very motivated. If he sees that a project is working, he stays with it until the end.”