Better Safe Than Sorry: Simple tips for greater security on the Internet.

Watch what you say!
Have you ever left a message like this on a social networking site? “Leaving tonight, looking forward to four wonderful days of vacation!” Guess what? You’ve told all your contacts—and THEIR contacts—that your home will be empty for the next four days. Save vacation news for when you get back!

Watch what you play!
When you receive requests to play games with your contacts on social networks and you click on the requests, you may be taken to a screen that asks permission to access your name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of contacts, and other public information. The game provider may even ask for permission to send out messages in your name or to access your information at any time—even while you’re not playing. So think twice before you hit “Allow.”

Watch what you answer!
Sometimes, your social network contacts will pass along quizzes and word games that ask for seemingly harmless information: “What city were you born in?” “What was your first pet’s name?” Be careful. Banks, utilities, insurance companies and health care providers will usually ask you these same questions before letting you transact business on their websites. By revealing your answers on social networks, you may be enabling identity thieves to access your accounts and steal your information and your money.