Chef Pepín shares traditional and delicious recipes.

While living on a farm in his native Cuba, José Hernández, who was then four years old, learned about the science of cooking. “My grandmother taught me how to make butter and it was a kind of chemical explosion. I felt like an inventor.”

Today he is known as Chef Pepín and has become a beloved household name. Since 1988 he has been cooking up a storm on Univision, and he is still motivating viewers to chop and stir during his down-home cooking segments on Despierta América. “I always make traditional meals, but in the healthiest and most natural way possible.”

During Hispanic Heritage month, Chef Pepín says it’s time to make classic meals. “We have a lot of dishes that bring us back to our childhood. Some of my favorites are meat dishes like ground beef (picadillo) that we eat in all parts of Latin America.”

Download recipes courtesy of Chef Pepín

  1. Gazpacho Sevillano
  2. Arándanos Azules
  3. Picadillo de Pavo

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