Aarón Díaz talks about his telenovela El Talismán, his recent crossover and love.

There is a new bad boy in town and he is heating up the small screen. Aarón Díaz plays the villainous heartbreaker Antonio Negrete on Univision’s El Talisman and is enjoying every minute of it. “The villains usually have fun,” says Díaz. “I always play the good guy, but with this role I am going to shed that image completely.” Díaz points out that as bad as Negrete is, he has his reasons. “Antonio is a bum. He likes women, money, partying, and having fun, but he is not bad just for being bad. It’s how he was raised. He uses people.” Díaz points out; however, that Antonio does have some redeeming qualities. “He has his good side. He loves his daughters.”

Aarón doesn’t relate to Negrete’s jaded take on relationships. Although he was recently divorced from Mexican megastar Kate del Castillo, he does believe in true love. “As with Romeo and Juliet, I definitely believe in love and that it can break barriers.”

Díaz isn’t just growing as a telenovela actor. After his two albums, he is choosing a more innovative way to introduce his newest songs: they can be downloaded from his calendar. “The record industry no longer exists. You have to find different ways to launch your music.”

Looking to his future, Díaz is also making new strides in the US general market, something that he finds quite natural since he was born in Mexico and raised in California. “I have always had good projects in the Hispanic market but obviously I don’t rule out doing things in English. I’m an actor and I want to keep growing.” Most recently he was on the ABC television series Pan Am. “It’s not a secret that we are taking over the United States and the world in general,” says Díaz. “Americans clearly understand that the Latino audience is very strong so they are looking for Latino actors to interpret English characters.”

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