A team of bounty hunters brings their adrenalin-fueled reality to TV.

Shoot-outs, take-downs and apprehending the dregs of society is all in a day’s work for the bounty hunter crew  of the hit reality show Fugitivos de la Ley: Los Ángeles on mun2. “I get to show everyone how they go out in the world to get bad people off the streets,” says Nuyorican Executive Producer Lou Pizarro.

Monique Covarrubias, the only female in the group, agrees. “If there weren’t people like us, do you know how many criminals would be out on the street? The cops don’t have time to go after all of these fugitives so that’s where we come in.”

This apprehension team of five also has their “heavy” in Román Morales, a 6’3” former bodybuilder and U.S. Marine. As part of his arsenal, he has a secret tactic he calls the boulder move. “I’m about as big and round as a boulder and when I get moving you’re not going to stop me.”

Fans should expect lots of drama and a closer look into the team dynamic—all with that authentic Los Angeles flavor. “It’s a Spanglish reality show and that’s what LA is about. It’s not pretend. It’s the real nitty-gritty,” concludes Pizarro.

Fugitivos de La Ley: Los Ángeles
Sundays at 8pm/7c

To see more episodes, visit http://www.mun2.tv/shows/fugitivos-de-la-ley-los-angeles