DannaGarciaColombian actress Danna Garcia stays on course for success with her show Ruta 35.

Actress Danna Garcia loves a challenge, something she always looks for in a role. “I like to play characters who are realistic but who have nothing to do with me. The stereotypical good and bad girls are clichés. Breaking that cliché is challenging and what I enjoy the most.” This is especially true of her portrayal of mafia wife Sofia Bermudez in Ruta 35. The series is an original story about informants in the drug-trafficking underworld. As Sofia, Danna not only embraced her persona, but also transformed herself physically. “I had to gain almost 22 pounds since the wives of the Dons are very voluptuous. It was really a big challenge,” says the Colombian actress.

Successful in the business since age 7, Danna, like the characters she plays, keeps it real. “The nice thing about this career is that it’s about what you build and how you become fully realized as a person.”

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