Daisy Fuentes talks about her return to television as host of Telemundo’s La Voz Kids, her business empire, and how she feels about breaking barriers as a Latina.

What should fans expect on La Voz Kids? It’s the best show on television. When you’ve got kids with dreams, talent, and they are just putting it all out there for you, it’s so refreshing. You can expect tons of emotion and a show full of unexpected twists and turns.

How involved do you get as a host? I’m a little more attached than the coaches who are all of a sudden listening to just a voice on the show. I talk to the children and their families. I’ve had a chance to give that child a hug before he or she goes out onto the stage and maybe wipe a tear off their face. I feel like I’m part of what they’re doing rather than just moving the show along.

What is your hosting style?  I try to do my job. I do welcome surprises and I like being thrown off. I don’t mind screwing up. I think that I’ve always just been honest and real.

Describe the coaches with one word. Prince Royce—exuberant. Paulina Rubio— goddess. Roberto Tapia—loveable.

You are a successful businesswoman and an author, among other things. What’s next for you? I’ve never thought in terms of what’s next, but the moment that ‘next’ presents itself, I grab it. I live in the moment and I enjoy it.

You also believe in philanthropy. Why? I feel like that is the reason for being a celebrity. I feel like ‘celebrity’ these days has almost become a dirty word. There is so much that is superficial in this business and so much that is really kind of silly that I would not enjoy it if I couldn’t use it for something important.

How do you maintain your cultural roots? It’s not a matter of maintaining it for me. It’s never going to leave me. It is at the core of who I am. I feel that if somebody can do something in two languages then they should.

How do you stay so grounded? The only thing that really matters is your family and your life. Hollywood doesn’t really mean anything and your job doesn’t really mean anything because it comes and goes. Everything else is icing on the cake.

La Voz Kids
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