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Exclusive Interview: ROSELYN SÁNCHEZ

Posted by Cait on December 2013 in, Special Features

The beautiful Roselyn Sánchez, star of the hit show Devious Maids, talks about success, love and motherhood.

Tell us about Lifetime’s Devious Maids, now in its second season. It focuses on five Latina maids, who are all very different, ambitious, very intelligent, and have strong personalities. They work for wealthy and powerful families in Beverly Hills, California. It is a comedy-drama series.

How is the relationship among you five actresses? We all met before the series, except for Edy Ganem, who is the youngest. Dania [Ramírez], Judy [Reyes], Ana [Ortíz], and I were colleagues, because we had competed for different roles. We respect each other very much as artists. It’s very nice that this time we did not compete, and now we’re working together on the same show. Also, we’re in a different stage of maturity now; we’re all married women with children, except for Edy, who’s married but doesn’t have any kids. We want stability, we want to do an excellent job and raise our children properly. We do a lot of playdates with the children; it’s been a very good experience for all of us.

What do you think about the Devious Maids controversy? We’ve had feelings of anguish and sadness about it because people have distorted the opportunity that Devious Maids is and twisted it into something negative. 99% of the people who criticized it did so without knowing anything about the show; they simply didn’t watch it. Once they actually watched it, they realized that it’s entertainment performed by women who are very proud of being Latina. We’d never do anything to harm our community. Someone like Eva Longoria, who has become a pioneer, a leader in the Latino community, would never put her name, her signature on something that would be detrimental to the Latino community. I don’t want to harp on this, because it shouldn’t have any relevance. I want people to see that it’s the first time that five Hispanic women are the main characters, and that it presents our point of view. And that the characters are not just five subservient maids without any identity. We are five amazing Latina women.

How have you evolved as an actress since your first movie, Captain Ron? Imagine, I left Puerto Rico when I was young, I lived on my own, and I had to learn a second language. After many years of struggle and growth, I think that each job I do makes me a good actress. I am sure that if Devious Maids lasts 3 or 8 years, or however long, when I’m finished doing it, I’ll be a better actress and better at comedy, so it’s a learning process.

How do you balance your professional life with being married to Eric Winters and being a mom of 2-year-old Sebella? God sent me a man who supports me 100%. He is a good husband, a good father, a good friend, a good son, and so half the battle is already won. I have an excellent working team, a family that helps me a lot. Honestly, my key to continuing with the job I do, with so much traveling, instability, with a little girl and a husband is … not to think about it too much. You just do it, that’s all. Thank God, everything is working out great.

“… it’s entertainment performed by women who are very proud of being Latina. We’d never do anything to harm our community.”

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received? My mom gave it to me when I left Puerto Rico, she said: ‘I never let anybody clip my wings, so don’t let anybody do that to you.’

Where does your inspiration for acting come from? Everything. I think it’s a blessing when you have a profession where you get to be so many people at once. Sometimes it’s a surreal experience when you play a character really well and people appreciate your job. It’s amazing when you give a performance and you forget that you’re acting, you feel like you really are that person. It’s not my favorite field in terms of the dynamics of the entertainment business. It’s very difficult and unrewarding in the sense that it’s not easy to deal with the criticism, it’s not easy when you do your best in a movie and it just doesn’t work. It’s not nice, in the case of Devious Maids, when you do something from your heart and then people say something negative. You need to be very strong to withstand the blows. But when you really love acting, singing or dancing, and you’re not doing it for the money or the fame, it’s a really amazing experience.

What is the secret of your success? Every night I pray to God for two things and I have a ring that says that: strength of spirit and wisdom. The most important thing in this business is being wise enough to know when to say no, and when to say yes, when something is right for you, and when it’s not. And strength of spirit because the dynamics of this business are all about rejection; they say no so many times before saying yes. If you’re not strong, you’re doomed. For me it was great to have a strong personality, with a lot of inner strength and wisdom. Ever since I was a child I’ve known that my mother raised me to succeed, and I have a clear view of what I want and what I can do.

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