Travel the world with Nelson Vignolles and his new sports show De Visitante.

Nelson Vignolles’s TV program, De Visitante, offers an unexpected concept for Latinos in the U.S. who are accustomed to tuning in to sports channels only to watch games or listen to commentary. “The idea of the program is to have viewers follow their favorite team virtually,” Nelson explains graciously. “Imagine you’re a fan of Real Madrid and that team is playing in Milan. We go there three days before the game, and we show you where you can eat, the culture, the city, and the host stadium.”

Although Nelson Vignolles loves traveling, this Argentine’s biggest passion is sports. “I was born in a country where if you don’t know how to play soccer, you simply don’t have any friends. On my desk, there are four screens with four sports channels from the entire region. At this very moment, I’m watching four different soccer matches. I get paid to do that! That’s what I enjoy the most.”

De Visitante
Premieres in February