Chef Aquiles Chávez from the show Motochefs helps you celebrate!

Like many generous people, Mexican chef Aquiles Chávez looks like a happy man…and a grateful one.  “Sometimes I feel life has given me too much, no? That’s when I try to make sure I also give back to life.”

Chávez is one of the personable hosts of the Utilísima show Motochefs. He speaks of his colleagues in the kitchen with respect and affection. “Cooks have something very special, very sensitive in our DNA. The business of cooking requires us to offer, to share with two full hands. It’s a business in which we give everything of the highest quality, the best service, the best attitude, always giving, giving, giving…and because of this generosity we’re always teaching, and paying forward what we’ve been given.”

In Motochefs, Chávez shares his expertise at the side of his friend and colleague Aarón Sánchez, as they ride motorcycles together while traveling from Texas to Mexico City. “It’s such fun! The trip is about cooking, adventure, encounters, discoveries, and above all, about two friends who, in the end, conquer all like the good cooks they are. Having traveled for 45 days with Aarón, I grew a lot. I learned a lot…”

Would he repeat the experience? “If they asked me, ‘Aquiles, would you do it all over?’ Of course I would! My coat and helmet are already on, just tell me where to go.”

Enjoying his latest adventures in the US, Achiles has adopted new traditions. “In Mexico you don’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo but that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge this day. We celebrate it with festive and traditional Mexican dishes.” For the time being, Chávez is back at home, where he’s the one who cooks for his wife and three children, Regina, Valentina, and Aquiles. “Why do I cook? I think, and I’m convinced that cooking is an act of love, so it’s the way I can express my affection for my family. It’s a way of spoiling them, of taking care of them. In the end, many of our good memories about growing up are centered on food, right?

And that’s why Aquiles Chávez keeps giving…and giving…and giving.

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Download recipe courtesy of Aquiles Chávez

Tabasco wings