How big an HDTV should I buy?
You may think you’d rather buy “too big” than “too small,” but in selecting your new HDTV, the rows of pixels on an overly large set may be distracting, even blurry! Your HDTV should be sized for the room you are watching it in. There’s a simple calculation for choosing the right size. Measure (in feet) how far you’ll sit from your set. Multiply that number by 6. So, if your couch is eight feet from your TV set, multiply 8 by 6. You’ll be very happy with an HDTV set that measures 48” diagonally. If you sit ten feet away, that 60” monster should be just about right!

I have a new HDTV set…why do I need HD service from my cable company, too?Cable HD service makes sure your HDTV picks up the high-definition signals from ALL HD channels. It eliminates the need for built-in HD tuners and special HD antennas.

Why do we need separate HD channels?Since many people still don’t have HDTV sets, networks send out two versions of their signals: standard and high-definition. The signals on HD channels tell your TV set to build a picture with many more dots of light, so your image is brighter and sharper. For maximum enjoyment, tune to the HD version of your favorite channels, usually located in the upper areas of your line up and not your regular location.