Celebrity chef Mónica Patiño dishes about her new cooking show Diario de Cocina.

At the end of the day all across the world mothers (and yes, some fathers too!) must answer the age old question: what’s for dinner? Chef Mónica Patiño is ready to help with her new show Diario de Cocina on Utilísima. “Even when I come home I say, ‘What am I going to cook today?’ This show is my opportunity to share the culinary knowledge that I have spent years gathering and help people get out of their routine.”

You can try her fare at one of her restaurants like Naos which is considered one of the best in Mexico or try your hand with one of her specialties via her prize winning cookbook  Sabores en la Cocina de Mónica Patiño. Mónica, a top international chef with more than 35 years of experience, still feels motivated to create new dishes. “When I am in the kitchen, I don’t think about anything else except being there and having fun.”

Diario de Cocina
Fridays at 7pm/6c

Download recipe courtesy of Mónica Patiño

  1. Pork Chops in Sweet & Sour and Chipotle Sauce
  2. Pappardelle con frijoles