Javier Bardem has been on the move ever since he made his acting debut, appearing in his mother’s TV series “El Pícaro” when he was six. He has given brilliant performances in Spanish films like “Jamón, Jamón,” “Carne Trémula,” and “Mar Adentro,” as well as international favorites like “Vicki Cristina Barcelona” and “No Country for Old Men,” for which he won an Oscar®. In 2010 he starred with Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love” and most recently, he won the coveted best actor award at Cannes for the critically acclaimed “Biutiful.” But don’t think that this 41 year old Spaniard is all about the Hollywood hoopla. “They are only movies,” he said recently to Esquire, “but I want to make movies that count for something.”

Bardem has even more to celebrate this year. Last July he married his girlfriend of three years Penélope Cruz and soon after in September the very private couple announced that they were expecting a baby. “It is true,” Javier Bardem said of Cruz’s pregnancy. “I am very happy.” But, adhering to their tradition of privacy, Bardem added: “Don’t make me say anything else.”

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Bali, Indonesia
Javier went to Bali to film “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts. Based on the monster best-seller by Elizabeth Gilbert, it features Javier as “Felipe,” the leading lady’s reward for a post-divorce year of personal exploration. Julia, who remembered him from “No Country for Old Men,” was initially scared of Javier, but went on to categorize the big Spanish hunk as “a sweetheart.”

New York
While in town to rock the crowds at the “Eat Pray Love” premiere, Bardem met with “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, and pitched the idea of playing a Spanish heavy-metal singer…the ex-boyfriend of ultra-evil Sue Sylvester! He will join this season’s roster of superstar guests on the Fox mega-hit.

Cannes, France
Portraying a cancer-stricken man in “Biutiful,” directed by Mexico’s Alejandro González Iñárritu, Javier won the Best Actor Award. He won the hearts of romantics everywhere during his acceptance speech, as he thanked “My friend, my companion, my love. Penélope, I love you very much.”

The Bahamas
Last July, Javier married fellow Oscar-winner Penélope Cruz in a secret ceremony at the home of close friends. They’d worked together as far back as 1992, in the film “Jamón, Jamón,” but word has it that the notoriously secretive couple only started dating in 2007.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Last September, filming began on Bardem’s next picture, a family-oriented romance with Ben Affleck, Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. It’s expected to give a nice financial boost to Osage County, as filming takes place in local homes, ranches, neighborhoods and business districts.