Hunky Mexican actor Jonathan Islas started his acting career in theatrical shows in Colegio Anglo Americano, after graduating from Palo Duro High School in 1998. He later joined TV Azteca’s acting school, CEFAT. In 2002 he started his career in telenovelas like Agua y Aceite (2002), Enamórate (2003), La Vida es una Canción -Te Soñé (2004).

In 2006, he joined Telemundo and has acted  in telenovelas like Amores de Mercado(2006), Mas Sabe El Diablo (2009) y Flor Salvaje (2011) entre otras. Now he is part of the cast of El Rsotro de la Venganza where he plays Luciano Alvarado the son of Ezequiel Alvarado (Saul Lizaso.) Luciano is a handsome and very ambitious commercial engineer. He is Ezequiel’s  pride and joy since the day he was born. With many post-graduate degrees, he currently works in the investment division of Banco Alvarado which is owned by his father. He is also a ladies man and is Mariana’s (who is in a relationship with Ezequiel and is played by Elizabeth Gutiérrez) secret lover. He also becomes involved with Veronica, a beautiful and determined journalist. However, it is not his love life that he loses sleep over. What keeps him up at night is Martín who will make him uneasy, given the prominent place he occupies in his father‘s life. Luciano will come to realize that some mistakes carry a very high price and his obsession for destroying Martín will continue to push him towards the edge of losing everything.

When Jonathan is not working, you can find him indulging in his adventurous side with extreme sports, rappelling off cliffs and riding his motorcycle.

El Rostro de la Venganza
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