Famous boxer Fernando Vargas gives us a ringside seat to his life with his reality show.

When former Olympic boxer Fernando Vargas first entered the professional ring on March 25, 1997, he pulverized Jorge Morales in just 56 seconds. He went on to win the coveted titles of IBF Light Middleweight Champion and WBA Light Middleweight Champion, while earning himself the nicknames “El Feroz,” “The Aztec Warrior,” and “Ferocious Fernando Vargas.” You’d think he was anger incarnate; that’s why you’re in for a huge surprise when you watch his new reality show, Viva Los Vargas.

It’s all about his family. “People kept telling me it was something we should do,” Vargas says. “You should have your own show. Your family is crazy. Your family is unique and you guys are, like, funny.” He agreed. “This is nothing. You guys haven’t seen the half of it.”

The program will make a star of Fernando’s wife, Martha. “My wife has got to put up with a lot of stuff. I’m a good man, but I feel like I’ve got a greater woman. I’m so blessed,” he says. Fernando and Martha have been together since their early teens; he was only seventeen when their first son was born. What has kept them together for all these years, in a world where so many young parents stray from each other? Fernando recalls that when Martha agreed to be the mother of his children, she said to him, “Promise me that if I give you a baby you’re never going to leave me.” And he never has. “With all the good and bad that has happened in our lives, I’ve always remembered my promise to her.”

Fernando credits his heritage for much of the value he places on family. “As Mexican people, we love our families. We love our food. We love our culture.”

You’re going to love Fernando and Martha, and each of their four children. Enjoy every second you spend with them while watching Viva Los Vargas on mun2.

Viva Los Vargas
Premiere 1/26 at 9pm/8c