After eight years away from the music scene, Carlos Vives returns with his new hit album, Corazón Profundo.

“I am inspired by the love of my wife, my children, my country, and my surroundings,” says Colombian artist Carlos Vives, who has just launched his first album in eight years, Corazón Profundo.

This album is very personal. Vives dedicated the song “Volví a Nacer” to his wife, former Miss Colombia Claudia Helena Vásquez, “in gratitude for all the good things she has brought to my life…She gives me the stability to work happily, knowing my four kids are well and my house is beautifully managed. When I get home, there’s nothing better than being with my family, sharing time and kissing them.”

About his children, Carlos (20), Lucia (17), Elena (4), and Pedro (2), Vives exults, “Everything about them moves me. It’s an incredible process, watching them grow.”

His country is Vives’ third inspiration. “I have in my mind a bank of ideas, rhythms, and sounds of Colombia that I always want to explore.”

Released in April, Corazón Profundo already has thousands of fans. “We’re always surprised at people’s enthusiasm for our albums,” says Vives.