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Lourdes, Jomari, and Carlos from “Sal y Pimienta” Spice It Up

Posted by Cait on October 2015 in, Entertainment

article_horizontal_SalyPimientaNexos Latinos® turned the tables on the hosts of Sal y Pimienta and put them in the hot seat.

“My hidden talent is that I am a lie detector machine. I know (the majority of the time) when a person is not being completely honest with me and that comes from all my years as a journalist. It is part of my training.”
Lourdes Stephen

“For Hispanic Heritage month, the dish I would serve my guests would be a potato omelette like the ones my grandmother used to make. The rest I would order. I don’t have a lot of free time to cook for hours at home. Also, I can’t stand odors in the house. I know, it sounds like I’m going to stay single. LOL.”
Jomari Goyso

“My favorite segment is two seconds before the show starts because we hug each other and wish each other luck. Once the program starts, I like any segment in which we are all laughing.”
Carlos Calderón

Sal y Pimienta
Sundays at 10pm/9c