Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez talks to us exclusively about what it’s like to be a coach on La Voz Kids, her new album and how she keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground.

Tell us about your experience with La Voz Kids so far. It’s a marvelous experience because I’m helping children build their dreams. It’s really wonderful to see how they react when we turn our chairs around, and they can come join our team, and also, although it’s sad, when they have to go, because we can hug them and explain to them that they have to follow their dreams and not give up.

What makes this program different from other singing contests? It’s a very positive program where children always leave happier, with very high hopes that they can fulfill their dreams. We are coaches, not judges. So what we do is give them constructive criticism that’s not going to harm them, not going to put a damper on their development as artists.

How do you feel about replacing Paulina Rubio? It’s an honor to be in her place. I really admire Paulina as an artist.Competecia_post_second_image

Describe Prince Royce and Roberto Tapia as coaches. Prince Royce is a charming and handsome man. He is so nice that all the girls are infatuated with him. Tapia is a sweetheart and he’s very relaxed. His approach with the children is very calm and he treats them affectionately. We are three totally different personalities but we have a lot of chemistry.

It seems that the three of you have a fun dynamic. The three of us laugh all day long. We are always joking, hugging, and needling one another, we egg one another on. It’s really funny; we get along really well.

Tell us about your new album. I’m going to venture into a new style. I’m still going to be doing pop, but it’s going to be a bit more modern, more electronic, more like what’s playing on the radio now. I’m making music for dancing, and for having fun.

Why did you decide to change your style? I am at a point in my life where I feel very happy. I am surrounded by people who make me happy and that has an influence on my character and on the music I make.

How do you keep grounded? I have always been the same even though I’ve had a lot of success in my life, thank God. When I’ve seen that things aren’t going well, I’ve realized it’s because of the people around me. As an artist you have to pay attention to the people that are close to you, if they are with you because they care for you or if they want something from you and those are the ones who can ruin your career.

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