Nexos Latinos is thrilled to show you What’s Hot in the month ahead!

In most parts of the United States, February is a very cold month… but there’s enough programming available through your cable provider to warm up every Latino in the country, no matter how congelado! Warm up to the stirring potpourri of sexy dramas, scintillating telenovelas, side-splitting comedy, daring adventures, terrifying horror series, and all-round viewer favorites that are yours to watch this season—each one available at the touch of a button.

What’s hot? Let’s start with one of the hottest programs in all of television, Suleimán, el Gran Sultán. As legend has it, Suleiman, the Great Sultan, was a powerful and brave man who conquered half the world and created a grand empire. The most ferocious battles in history, though, did not take place on the battlefield— they happened in his harem, where the women challenged each other with intrigues, treason, poison, and whatever else was needed in order to win his heart. You can’t miss this magnificent superproduction that appears on MundoFOX Mondays through Fridays at 8pmE/7pm C: Suleimán El Gran Sultán. It’s historic epic, dramatic and romantic, and filled with struggles for love and glory.

Thrills abound on every Spanish language channel, with sizzling telenovelas like Telemundo’s Dueños del Paraiso, Univision’s La Malquerida, and La Esquina del Diablo on Unimás. If you need to take a break from so much unbridled passion, click on Discovery Familia, and find yourself a getaway where you can really beat the heat, at Mi Casa en la Playa. For something a bit more heart-stopping, go on over to Discovery en Español, and check out Unidos en el Peligro—a program which tests the human ability to survive even in the harshest environments on the planet.

Explore What’s Hot on both Spanish-language and English-speaking channels…you’ll realize immediately that you’re never left out in the cold when it comes to cable TV.