The latest pop sensation, Gretchen Serrao, debuts with her album Mírame.

Gretchen Serrao, the latest sensation to hit the airwaves, considers herself a 360 degree artist. She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. “These careers go hand in hand, and if you are organized, you can do it all.” For now, her main focus is music and the launch of her new pop album, Mírame. When Gretchen, who wrote half of the 13 songs on the CD, puts pen to paper, she is inspired by words from her abuelito. “He always said I have to write what people feel. With that in mind, I use my own experiences mixed with life situations so that people can identify with me.” This is the case with her first single “La Salida” written by Gretchen and her producer Adrián Posse. “It represents immigrants like me who cannot be with their loved ones and have to be separated by war, religion, whatever the cause. The message of the song is to move beyond your sad feelings and stay with the nice feelings you will never forget.”

Today her main goal is to keep doing what she loves. “Music is the driving force of my life. When I’m on stage and I bring my music to the hearts of my fans I am infinitely satisfied and complete.”