With her musical triumph, Leslie Grace reigns as “The Princess of Bachata.”

One Saturday, after a busy week at high school, Leslie Grace was working on her dream of becoming a singer. While getting ready to do a photo shoot for some demos that she was recording on her own, she received a call that would change her life more than she never imagined. “I actually wasn’t very excited at all. I’ve gotten those phone calls before where people just sell me dreams so I gave the phone to my mom,” she remembers. As a result of that phone call, she signed on with Top Stop Music and legendary record producer Sergio George. “It was a huge and defining moment for me.”

Today, the 17 year old Leslie Grace is the youngest female to ever reach number one on the Billboard Latin charts with her cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” and she has been dubbed “The Princess of Bachata,” a title she takes seriously. “It empowers me and motivates me. I know that bachata, as a genre, is dominated by males and I’m representing lots of girls when I sing.”

Fans should expect more of the same with her first self-titled album along with some R&B, pop and techno. “I grew up listening to the music of my Dominican roots as well as American music. I felt that it was only right to keep that mix.”