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As a little girl in Venezuela, Gaby Acuña would turn on the TV and watch Show Business to get the latest news on her favorite celebrities. Today, Gaby, along with Omar Nassar and Gabriel Fernández, are hosting this same fun-filled program that has been around for 20 years. “I never imagined that I would work for such an iconic show,” she says. The show, now called Show Business Extra, is offering more of what fans like. “It’s unique because it’s not just about Latin entertainment. It features US celebrities, too.” After interviewing stars like Carlos Vives and Daddy Yankee, this new change in format gave Gaby her most anticipated interview, with her ultimate teen celebrity crush. “My sister and I sat every evening to watch the series Beverly Hills 90210. So imagine when the producer said, ‘We have Jason Priestley, “Brandon” from Beverly Hills 90210.’ I called my sister and she said, ‘I cannot believe you’re with Brandon!’” she chuckles.

Gaby’s future goal is to keep doing what she loves best. “I am so grateful for what I do and that I have the opportunity to bring all these moments with these artists to their fans. It really does mean a lot to me.”

Show Business Extra
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