Get to know the Argentinian actor Saúl Lizaso.

Saúl Lizaso is one of the most prominent Hispanic actors with a distinguished career that includes telenovelas, films and theater.

Before becoming an actor, Saúl was a professional soccer player and competed around the world. It was in Spain where he met his wife, former model Mónica Viedma. Due to a knee injury, Saúl was forced to retire from the sport. In 1983, he decided to become a model.

In 1988, Saúl started studying dramatic arts in Spain. After two and a half years, he got his first break in the movie “El Regreso a la Isla del Tesoro.” During the early 1990s, he travelled to Mexico City, where he became the face of a very prominent liquor campaign which led him to international fame. At the same time, he acted in theater shows like “La Fierecilla Domada” and “Tartufo,” among others.

The award-winning actor has also starred in major Spanish-language films, including “El Entrenador,” “El Cartel de los Sapos” and “Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón.” In theater, he was part of the shows: “Tiempo de Campeones,” “Viuda Alegre,” “Hoy Contigo, Mañana También” and “Carta a mi Padre.”

Saúl’s first role in telenovelas came in 1990 on “Amor de Nadie,” alongside Mexican actress, Lucia Méndez, which became a major hit across Latin America. He then starred in various  telenovelas, including “El Derecho de Nacer,” “Por Tu Amor,” “El Niño que Vino del Mar,” “Vivo Por Elena” and “Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma,” among others. At Telemundo, he has been the lead actor in major original productions, including “El Clon,” “Tierra de Pasiones” and “Gitanas.” Most recently, Saúl was part of the Mexican telenovela, “El 8º Mandamiento.”

The Argentinean actor returns to Telemundo’s new original production, “El Rostro de la Venganza,” as Ezequiel Alvarado. Ezequiel is a self-made man who has succeeded due to his own efforts. He is the owner of a bank and reached the top through dedication and hard work. As much as he is successful in his professional life, his personal life is quite another story. Driven by his insecurities, he ruins the life of his ex-wife, Laura, because of his jealous and obsessive nature. When love comes knocking again and he starts a romance with Mariana (Elizabeth Gutiérrez) self-doubt once again takes over and he hires Martín (David Chocarro) to spy on Mariana day and night, by pretending to be her bodyguard.

When Saúl is not on the set you can find him in his Miami home with his wife and two kids, Paula and Martín.

El Rostro de la Venganza
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