Iliana and Laura bring their desserts straight to your home with their new reality show Divas del Azúcar.

Mother and daughter team, Iliana and Laura, owners of Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes in Miami, Florida, is sweetening up television with their new reality series on Tr3s, Divas del Azúcar. “We are not your typical bakery. What’s interesting is to see how these amazing cakes are created. You’ll also see a lot of our clients,” explains Iliana. Their customers have included big names like Rihanna, the Estefans, and Pitbull, who had the most over-the-top request so far. “Pitbull’s cake was made using guava and coconut, his favorites, and it featured the form of a naked woman,” remembers Laura. The series also depicts everyday challenges. “The show is exciting, fun, and at times has lots of drama,” laughs Laura.

It all started with a dream and a secret recipe. “It’s a recipe that mami and papi created in Cuba, which has vanilla and rum. It’s a very Caribbean flavor,” says Laura. Opportunity knocked in 1996 when Iliana and her husband, Jorge, along with their two daughters, Leysi and Laura, were allowed to leave Cuba via lottery and settled in Miami, bringing with them their love of baking. Today, their bakery has been in business for 12 years. Sadly, Jorge passed away in 2004, but his vision lives on. “My father and his legacy inspire me to make this bakery into something he would have wanted,” explains Laura.

Divas del Azúcar
Premieres in March, check your local listings

Download recipes courtesy of Iliana and Laura

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