Technology buzz: what’s hot, what’s not

These days when it comes to technology, this month’s “must have” quickly becomes next month’s “has been.” Take it from Guillermo Arduino, host of the technology show Clix on CNN en Español. “I think we are all surprised with how fast everything moves,” says Arduino. To find out what all the buzz is about regarding 3D and 4G, Nexos Latinos spoke with the Argentinean host of Clix, the only show in Spanish on cable television that tackles this timely subject for you.

3D is fantastic because it gives you such a “real life” type of experience. Since technology is evolving so fast now, I would suggest waiting at least 6 months before investing in a 3D television set.

4G is a more sophisticated network that gives you greater speed and superior performance when using the Internet. The number of devices and the need for more capabilities means that the 4G network is a necessity. We will probably see 5G, 6G and so on because of this.

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