When my husband and I bought our first house, we picked up a security system that we considered unbeatable—a German Shepherd/Husky mixture named Cory. She is wonderful, but as a security system, she has her limitations. She came away with us on vacations and she was no protection at all against fire. So, like many people, we began investigating home security systems. Back then, they were very basic: they alerted an alarm company when someone tried to open a door or window. Also, the alarm awakened the neighbors during windstorms, which made us vastly unpopular.

Today’s security systems give a whole new meaning to protecting your home and family. They provide live video feeds of you home which you can watch on any computer with an Internet connection, as well as on your smart phone or mobile device to see what’s happening from wherever you are. They send you emails and texts when something important happens…like when your kids arrive home. They turn your lights and temperature controls on and off, so your house always looks and feels occupied, regardless of how long you’re away. You can even monitor these controls from your computer or smartphone on the go.

Now we can really enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer on our getaways, with Cory at our side.