Pop sensation Belinda talks about her latest album Catarsis and the secret to her success.

Inspired by the clubs in Miami, Belinda wants her fans to dance to the same types of beats with her latest hit album, Catarsis. “You’re going to hear a much more different sound than in my previous albums. It’s a mix of different rhythms, from pop, electronic, urban, to dubstep, with a Latino touch. The actual songs are very intimate, so you can cry, laugh and reminisce with someone. It’s an album for all kind of moments.”

Catarsis, with its 12 songs, debuted as one of the top five selling albums in the U.S. according to Billboard’s Latin Album Charts. The 23-year-old Mexican star worked with U.S. producer Vein on the album and was also reunited with hit-maker Pitbull on the single “I Love You… Te Quiero.” “He’s very talented and it’s incredible to work with him. I hope to work with him again in the future.” Now with a total of 4 albums, Belinda has been called the number one female artist in Mexico. “It’s such an honor to be considered the best and have my work recognized.”

Belinda has been in the public eye since the age of 11 when she began her artistic career with the children’s novela Amigos X Siempre. As her star continues to rise her secret to success is simple, “I never stay in one place artistically. I believe in evolving with my music. I want to give more of myself always.”