Lover of Love

Mauricio Ochmann, star of the telenovela Rosa Diamante, reveals that love has always shown him the way.

Fans should know that when it comes to words, “love” is Mauricio Ochmann’s absolute favorite. Not surprising for a Mexican actor who smoldered with passion and sensuality on Telemundo’s megahit telenovela El Clon, and is back to do it again with his latest role on Rosa Diamante. What is surprising is the reason, which goes beyond that boy-meets-girl novela formula. “To me love is impressive and the most important type is self-love. When I discovered this, I was able to relate to things in a much healthier way and it changed everything.”

A spark of this self-awareness led him to understand that acting was his true calling. “It’s actually very funny. When I was three they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and instead of saying an astronaut or a fireman I said an actor.” Following his heart, Mauricio left Mexico for the states at the age of 17 to try and make it in the U.S. “I was the typical cliché. I arrived in Hollywood, became a waiter, studied acting and went to casting calls.” In the four years he was in LA he made appearances on TV shows like CBS’s That’s Life and even had a bit part in the movie Message in a Bottle alongside Kevin Costner and Robin Wright. “I was on camera one or two minutes but being on the set for almost a month was such an experience.”

In 1998 he came back to Mexico to star in the telenovela Azul Tequila and hearts have been fluttering ever since. Today Ochmann can be seen on the Mexican stage in the play 22:22 as well as his latest Telemundo telenovela Rosa Diamante, playing a role he couldn’t resist. “What caught my attention was that the character was like any other I had done. He starts out as the antagonist then is changed by love.” Debuting is his co-star Carla Hernández who he says is great to work with. “She is an excellent actress and we have that chemistry that is a must in a love story.” What also convinced him to accept the role was having weekends off to spend with the number one love of his life, his 8-year-old daughter Lorenza. “I really knew love when she was born. It is a love that exceeds all others.” Like your typical curious kid Lorenza asks the questions that his female admirers are dying to know. “My daughter asked me, ‘Hey Dad, are you getting married again?’ And I said, ‘My love, I don’t know. It’s not in my plans. Want me to get married? ‘And she said,’ Well, if you have children, yes. If not, no,’” he says with laugh.

Along with dedicating all his free time to Lorenza, as he calls being a dad “the most important role in his life,” Ochmann takes everything as it comes. “The truth is I manage my life expectations on the low side,” he grins. “Obviously, if tomorrow I have to be in an American movie with Robert Downey Jr. or in a Spanish film with Almodóvar, it would be a dream come true, but for today I am very happy with what I have.”

Rosa Diamante
Premieres Tuesday July 10th at 8:30pm/7:30c
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