Actress Sara Maldonado rides her way to the top as Camelia la Texana.

The stunning Sara Maldonado, star of the new telenovela Camelia la Texana, seems to have ripped a page from Sleeping Beauty to maintain her youthful glow. “I’m a real sleepyhead. I like to sleep for hours on end.” But that’s where the fairytale ends, considering how seriously she takes her craft. “I’ve always known what I wanted and worked to achieve it.”

When you speak with her, you realize immediately that she is not a flighty starlet, but an ambitious and intelligent actress. “What inspires me most is making a place for myself. Fame doesn’t matter to me; what matters most is that people value the work I do each day.”

Maldonado likes to play complex characters like Camelia. “She is not the typical ‘poor girl’ who is waiting for her prince charming to arrive and turn her into a princess. Camelia is a woman with a past, and the circumstances of her life keep changing and creating her character and her destiny.”

The telenovela deals with tough subjects in a responsible way. “Camelia la Texana is a love story. It takes place in the 70s and marks events that actually happened in Mexico and the United States as to how drug trafficking evolved.” In no way does it glorify the crime. “It does not depict a glamorous life of drug trafficking, on the contrary, each situation or bad decision made by the characters has an equally negative consequence.”

Sara enjoys her work on this telenovela as well as the camaraderie with her colleagues, particularly with Erik Hayser. “We are good friends. We have a lot of chemistry; we are both very committed to this project.”

When Sara isn’t working, you can find her at the movies, walking Jack, her French bulldog, or with her boyfriend, architect Alejandro Gutiérrez. Although happy with her life, Sara does think about the future. “In my personal life, as a good woman, I want to have a family, have children.” Professionally, she has very ambitious plans. “I am beginning to set up my own business, to take care of all my affairs. Those are my goals right now. Once I achieve them, I’ll set new ones.”

Camelia la Texana
Monday – Friday at 10pm/9c