Get your life in shape with Alejandro Chabán.

Actor and health & fitness guru Alejandro Chabán wasn’t always fit and in shape. As a young child he grew up overweight and had health problems. His turning point came when at age 15, he needed his mother’s help to take a bath. “Taking a hard look in the mirror I said to myself, ‘at this moment, overweight Alejandro must die because he is destroying my life, my health and my self-esteem,’” remembers the 31 year-old Venezuelan. The result was going from 314 pounds to 154 pounds, his book From Fatty to Hottie, TV segments on Despierta América and Sábado Gigante (Univision), as well as a trip to the White House to meet President Barack Obama. He also launched his YouTube show Yes You Can with Chabán! and his Yes You Can! Diet Plan.

Chabán admits it’s still not easy. “I still battle with myself. When I wake up there’s like a little devil that says, ‘you have to sleep a little longer’ but then the little angel side says ‘you have to go to the gym,’” he chuckles. What keeps him going is his mantra: “Intent plus action equals transformation” and his commitment to help Latinos have a healthier lifestyle. “It’s about connecting with the reality of who we are. It’s not all about eating or not eating but how a person’s life changes—especially in the way they love themselves.”

Download recipes courtesy of Alejandro Chabán

Low Carb Margarita

Shredded chicken tacos with onion

Mango and tomato salsa